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Oct 10, 2009
Hello! Thought I'd take a moment and introduce myself here.... my name is Erin and I am the mother to 4 children... 2 in gymnastics.

Alexis is 6.5 and currently a level 3 and pre-team (fast tracks). We just started her in gymnastics 1 year ago at the age of 5. She has come so far in just 1 year and is anxious to get on the team. She goes two times/week plus does private lessons every other Monday (we homeschool so she is able to go of a morning, which works great). I also was in tumbling/gymnastics for about 8 years and am able to work with her a lot at home.

Rylee is 3.5 and just got moved from the K3 class to the K4/K5 class. She is absolutely OBSESSED with gymnastics. As I type this she is doing a handstand... lol! It's all she talks about, all she wants to do... all she thinks about. For halloween she wants to be Shawn Johnson (LOL)! For Christmas she wants an incline mat so she can learn how to do a back handspring (she is able to do a backbend kickover). They are talking about moving her to fast tracks (pre-team) after Christmas (she will be 4 at the end of January).

I also have two other children... Austin is 4 and we have him in tumbling. He is doing great but prefers soccer and swimming. McKenzee Grace is 15 months old and my only one not flipping all around the house at the moment (although, she is the hardest one for me to keep up with... lol)!

Anyways, I'm so excited to have found this site!!

Erin ~ 26y/o Stay@Home & Homeschooling Mom to:
Alexis ~ 6.5
Austin ~ 5.5
Rylee ~ 3.5
McKenzee ~ 15 months
Welcome! I have a 7 year old L4, repeating this year as a L4 at a new gym and loving it! I also have a 3.5 year old that wants to do gymnastics, but am keeping her out as long as I can hold her off. LOL. We homeschool as well! :D
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