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May 4, 2009
Hi everyone, my name is Kate. I'm a coach in the uk, and also still train recreationally after years as a gymnast. I'm also at college and hope to go to uni in a years time. Currently, I (assistant) coach 5 rec classes (3 beginner, 1 intermediate, 1 advanced) and also assist with competitive pre - team, and regional and national grades (uk). I'm sometimes lucky enough to work with the coaches of the elite level groups also. I have my assistant coach award and am hoping to do my WAG level 2 course at the end of june.

Is there anyone else from the uk around? I think i've seen a couple of people.
Welcome to the Chalkbucket. We have a growing gang of Brits on the board I am sure they'll say hey when they see your post. I am originally from Manchester but now live in Quebec, I have two girls in the gym and a 16 year old son who is not in the gym ever!

Hope you like the bucket!
Hi MissBear!

I'm also from the UK.

I am a level 4 coach, but really only coach level 2 skills currently as I took on a new group of pre-team gymnasts last year. They all passed Grade 14 this year and am working them to do compulsory 4 next year, but am not convinced they will do it yet, but we'll see!

Welcome to the board!
Hi there, am also new and from the UK. I am a mum though, with limited knowledge of the sport, hoping there would be some other UK posters to help with my million and one questions :)
Hi MissBear,
Welcome to Chalk Bucket! I'm an American but celebrated my 16th Birthday in London on a class trip back in 1976! I love London!
I'm an adult gymnast and just started part time coaching again giving private lessons to a talented youngster.
I trust you'll find the people on this board friendly and helpful. Enjoy! :)
Thanks everyone! I just sent my application form for a level 2 course (and the end of june) off yesterday - I've been waiting forever to do one and I'm so excited! If anyone has done there level 2 WAG and could tell me a bit about what to expect it would be great. I've heard a lot about how difficult it is and the big step up from level 1!
Hi! Welcome to the chalk bucket- I'm from the UK too :) I started some coaching at my club but I havent done any qualifications (I quit gym just after I started coaching), so at the moment I coach (mostly vault) at my school gym club. My sister competed gymnastics until about this time last year, she was a Level 3.
Hello there and welcome on here! :)
I am sure there are quite a lot of British people around here by now and you will make lots of contacts. I love the fact of this forum having so many people from all possible different countries. :)
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