Hi. PrepOP?

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Aug 22, 2009
New Hampshire

I am so excited that I found this site!It is awesome!

So exactly a month ago I switched gyms and went from rec. team to Prep OP!
And let me tell you I love it.
I love my new gym, sooo much.It is great.

Does anyone else do Prep OP?


hey there. welcome to the chalk bucket!

i do prep op in NH. we have novice, intermediate, and advanced. i am a novice right now, but might have to sit out this coming competition season due to a back injury. i'm just now slowly getting back into the gym. i can't wait to be back to 100%, though, so i can compete. prep op is a lot of fun!


awesome job! i never did prep OP, i skipped it, but i wish you the best of luck! oh and welcome too CB :)
Not open for further replies.