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My name is Kim and I am mom to a 9.5 yo lv 4 (soon to be Lv 5) gymnast. We live in WA state. S will be competing at Sectionals this coming Saturday, April 12 and State April 27.
She attends Metropolitan gymnastics.


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Mar 5, 2008
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Hi Kim! My name is Kathy and my daughter is 9 also who is starting pre-team in hopes of competing Level 4 by the fall. She has been cheering for All Star for the past 3 years and wants to do gymnastics instead. She loves it so far!!
Good luck with your sectionals this weekend!!! I'm sure your daughter will do great!!!
My dd has her last cheer competition this weekend, so I am sure it will be bittersweet for her.
But it is all good--I think giving kids different options now and again helps them be a more well rounded individual. Plus the gymnastics training will only make her a much stronger cheerleader later in life if she wants to go back to it.
Good luck at states also!!
Keep us posted! And welcome to the Board!
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