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Hi im Maddie
Well i guess i tell about me
I've been Doing gymnastics since i was 3
I'm a level 6 now
I'm a shorty, im 9 and i'm 3 ft. 11 in.
I LOVE beam i got first on beam on level four at my state meet
I got 5th place at state for level 5
I have 2 brothers, brody,2,adriel,18
No sisters:mad:
Haha and umm....
Oh yea i have 7 pets
Maxi,Chiuauah(i have no idea how to spell it sorry :)
Peanut,mini dachshund
Sushi,Peakinease (again i hav no idea how to spell it) sushi is....well reatarded but we still love her :)
And Diesel,the king of the pack,french mastiff
Haha and maxi was first dog in the house so she is STILL the queen, + she is smallest and like,15!!!
Powder,Chicken,no jk, umbrella cokatoo
Puff,quaker perikeet
So yea thats me i quess!
hi and welcome to CB! You have way more pets then me, I just have 1 dog (a yellow lab :)).
welcome i'm a level 10, i started when was 11, i'm 17 now (long story). i'm from co and compete in region 3, what about you? don't worry about being short, i was 4' 9" when i was 13/14 lol! i didn't finally grow until i took two years of gym. i'm sure you'll grow still. i'm still only 5' ish short people rock! congrats on doing so well on beam! in '04 i qualified for jo nationals in floor an i've placed a bunchin vault and floor over the years at state and regionals. i'm hoping to compete college next year. i have a brother and a sister too. my sister maddyis 15 and she's really into ballet. my brother is 31 (he's my half bro) and lives in dc, i wish he lived closer. that's a lot of pets! i'm jealous. i have one dog, her name is peanut butter. but all the ppl here rock, you'll love it here.
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Hi! I'm Avrill and I'm a Level 7 gymnast! It's nice to meet you. I have a little brother and sister, 12 and 8, (I'm 16) and two dogs Guy, a Basenji, and Missy, a Jack Russell Terrier. :)
I'm Rosalie and I'm 13. I started when I was 3. I'm in "infantil" (In Spain the levels have got a name). I've got 2 sisters one is Ane she's 8,she does basketball and the other is Patricia and she's 16, she does rhythmic gymnastics and ballet. I have got a turtle it's name's Totti.

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