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:Dhi:) im Caitlyn, and i used to be in tumbling! i got out of it, because well it stoped. i've only been going there for a couple months though.. i can do a backhandspring, front hand spring, back walkover, frontwalk over, one handed carwheels & round offs. and i learned how to do all of that except the backhandspring by myself. i want to be in the olympics when i get older, and i also want to go to gymnastics college. and im 14 years old. and i was wondering, umm if ANYONE knows how to perfect anything like a backhandspring etc... can you please tell me, and not to mention since im not going back in a while, can anyone tell me how i can turn my backhand spring to a back tuck? (with confidince) i can do it on the trampoline and all just not on the ground, and if anyone knows how to do a ariel flip ... PLEASE help and thanks :)
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