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Hi everybody!!!! one of my gym frriends told me about chalk bucket so this is why im here but im new as you can see. Im from georgia . my birthday is july 26 im 13 years old im in level 8 for now if i get all my skill im going to level nine thats only if my body lets me :confused: ive been doing gymnastics since i was 6. my BIGEST dream is to make it to the OLYMPICS and i think i spelled that wrong im not home schooled yet but soon i will be :( *tear* umm but if you want to know anything else about me dont be afriad to ask sooo i gotta go bye and thanx for taking the time out to read this bye :)


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
Hi there & welcome to chalk bucket! I love your screen name! I'm sure you'll love CB it's a very friendly & supportive community. You sound like a very driven young lady. Good luck training for L9. I hope all of your dreams come true!:D


Hi and welcome to the chalk bucket! don't forget to join the gymnast group so you can post in that forum too! Good luck on fulfilling your dreams!
Jun 13, 2009
hey i am the same age well i just turned 13 on june6 and im going level9 i just got all my skills i live in tennesee so maybe ill c u at some meet like if we both make it to reginals
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