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Aug 5, 2009
Hi all

Been around observing for a few weeks now this website a great resource. Im a volunteer at a club in UK who focus on display and acro gymnastics. I help organise travel and funraising as well as being a first aider. I posted few pics below to show you what display gymnastics all about in m opinion its a very underated form of gym. Looking foward to getting to know you all.



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HI Claire,

I think I know what club you are from, you have a strong youtube presence! I love watching what your girls can do. I am origianally from Manchester, but am now in Quebec.

Acro is not big in Canada, or in the US for that matter, but I have often thought it is the perfect fit for many girls.

GLad to have you on the Chalkbucket, hope you enjoy it here.
Hi Clare!
I also think I know where you are from, again from youtube!

I used to do a similar thing when i was younger! I used to really love it so I agree it is very underrated! It is so much fun for all ages and abilities! It is something I'd like to get into in the future!

I am interested in hearing more about any displays you do and how you go about arranging routines etc and also seeing vids! :D

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