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Hi I am a former coach and have 3 daughters who were all in gymnastics last year. My oldest is still competeing. She is a level 8 in Region 5. :)
My other 2 were a level 7 and 5 but my husband lost his job and we cannot afford for them to continue.:(
I am looking forward to chatting with others about the incredible sport of gymnastics!!!!!


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Hi and welcome to CB. I am sorry about your husbands job, hope another comes along and your other girls can go back if they want. I am sure that is a difficult situation to be placed in.
Feb 26, 2007
Welcome to the Chalbucket. You'll fit right in here it sounds like you are having the same issues as many other families here.


Hi, we're also in Region 5. I'm sorry to hear about your dh's job. We went through that last year, thankfully he found a new job for the same approximate pay and all is well again. Keep faith, I'm sure your dh will find a job that is meant for him.

And good luck to your dd in this coming season


Welcome! We're in region 5, too! :)
I'm sorry to hear about your husband's job and pray that he finds a good one soon, and, in the meantime, you have peace and blessings.
Enjoy CB.
Jan 17, 2008
Welcome to the Chalk Bucket! I have a 13 year old L8 in Region 4, She might move to L9 before season.

Sorry to hear about your husband's job. It is tough, My husband was laid off last year too but he was able to open his own firm and thankfully we did not have to cut too many corners.
Welcome Randicoo!!! CB is a good forum to find good information as well as a place to break away to from a hectic day.

I'm also sorry to hear about your family's job situation. My wife lost her job over last X'mas and just last month I came really really close in getting laid off as well. Out of all the households that we know of in the areas, only very few have two incomes anymore. Fortunately for us, we live in an area that has relatively low standard of living. Yeah, things are tough and adjustments have to be made, but we are still getting by. I hope you can do the same as well and, most importantly, things will turn around soon for all of us.

BTW, I have a L7 who is borderline L8. If all things go as planned she'll be competing at the higher level after early L7 States.
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Welcome to the Chalkbucket! Sorry to hear about your husband's job. Hoping something even better pops up really soon!
Good luck to your DD this season!


Hi We are also in Region 5. sorry to hear about your husbands job, hope he finds something soon. welcome to chalkbucket.
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