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Hi, I'm new here :) My name is Maddy. I started gymnastics 8 months ago. It all started when I stayed up until 1 o' clock in the morning to watch Nastia win the all-around in the Beijing Olympics. I was glued to the t.v. and inspired :) She's been my favorite gymnast and role model ever since. So, for the remainder of the summer, I practiced and practiced my cartwheels (which I could never do) and a few months later I was enrolled at a recreational gymnastics class in one of my local gymns. I've been working really hard and now I'm working on things like: front handsprings on vault, backwalkovers on beam, front handsprings on floor, and kips on bars. I just got my first front handspring (without a spot) on floor on Wednesday and it only took me three tries! :D I love gymnastics and I'm so happy I found this awesome website!


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Oct 3, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
welcome to the board. I am pretty new here myself. I have a nine years old daughter who is in the gymnastics. glad to hear you are enjoying gymnastics and making a good progress. you will find lots of useful info on this board and people in this board are very helpful and friendly.
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