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Jun 13, 2007
I thought I should into myself since I've been posting and most of you don't know me. I am a mom of a 5 yr old who has 2 yrs of training and an 8 yr( almost 9). My 8 yr old has been doing gymnastics since she was 3, but it was just for fun until 2 yrs ago when she was asked to join a team. We have been to 6 gyms so far when she started we live in one part of NJ then moved 2 hours from the gym, so we change gyms, and did a little gym hopping for a year we finally choose the lesser of the evils and stayed there for 2 yrs. the owner had just opened the gym when we started, I thought it was great in the begining, but the more we stayed the less I liked the tone of the place (yelling intimidation and embaressment:mad:). So when a new gym came to a competition at our gym and I saw how happy there gymnasts were we gave them a try. I like it alot where we are and the coaches are building my dd confidence back up. She nevr made it to competition level at the old team, when we came here I figured out why, she can do lots of tricks but none of them are completely correct. She had alot of fear on beam and bars because of improper spotting, and wasn't taught things like to lock your knees to make things look better. But with these little tricks under her belt we have hope to make team at this gym someday. (She had to start over a level 1 here to learn basics she didn't have:eek:). She can do a back tuck, but can't do a good RO. Yikes!!!

My youngest is just happy to be in the gym. She would like to be on team someday, and I think she has a shot learning from this coach from the begining.


Thats me if anyone wants to know more just ask. I'm kind of a windbag!!:p
We recently had a girl join our team from another gym who went through something similar to your 8-year-old. She arrived with zero self confidence and improper technique on many skills, and was caught completely off-guard when a coach actually gave her a technical correction (rather than yelling at her and saying she wasn't trying). She still definitely has some confidence issues (she only made the switch a month ago), but she's coming along really well.

I'm glad to hear you've found a gym that's working well for you.
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