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New Member
Jun 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Hi, I'm Anna, I thought I may come along and introduce myself...

I do elite/age trampoline, that's a lot of fun, I love to flip, and I'm definitely a flipper, not a twister!
I still do a bit of gym on the side...last night I did punch fronts on beam (HURRAH!), and boy, that was crazy cool, although now I understand why the Chinese wear heel pads, because my feet are crazy sore and bruised, and I can't walk properly.

I coach too - levels trampoline through to junior elite, as well as a bit of gym.


Mar 14, 2007
Hello! :)

Although I`m mostly a fan of WAG I did go to a trampoline World Cup event last year. I could not miss the chance as it was here in my hometown, and I sure enjoyed it! :)
It also was combined with tumbling which even made it more exciting. ;)
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