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Oct 2, 2007
I just discovered this message board, and it looks like a great place!

I'm the mom of a 14 year old Level 9 gymnast. We're counting down to the season's first competition in January!

Hi Scout's mom!

Welcome aboard! This is a great place to come for gymnastics information, advice, or to just vent!
Hey, Scout's Mom!
My name's Britt...i'm 14 also, but i'm only a Level 7.
I quit when i was 8, and just came back about a year and a half ago.
Had i stayed in, i would be a level 9.
Um, i just wanted to know, about how often does your daughter train, and how many other girls are on her optional team?
Welcome Scout's mom!

My dd just turned 11 and she is a L7.

Good luck in your upcoming meet season. Where we are from our L7 season is happening right now! We'll have states in Jan and then be finished!

My how the time is flying by.....
Hi Scouts Mom!
Welcome! I have a 6 yr old L4 and we will be attending our 2nd meet this weekend. Our season ends in Jan. I love this place and have learned so much. Good luck to your daughter, L9 is quite an accomplishment!
Hello! I am a mother of a level 9 as well. Her first meet is in Dec. Good Luck!

:wave:Hello, you will love CB, it is super fun!

Masters_Gymnast: I like your icon...less talk...more chalk...it's cute

Good luck to your DD!
Not open for further replies.