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Hi everyone:

I was looking for a little insight on how to go about teaching a Higgins on high bar. I have a boy who is level 7 right now, but we are starting to prepare for level 9. I feel this is a fairly easy "B" to get, and will also fill in an element group. Any suggestions or drills that may be helpful in the training of this skill?

A higgins.... what's that again? I know the name, but I'm forgetting the skill.

(probably gives you an idea of how much help I'll be in actually coaching it)
Try doing some on a floor bar, having him land on an 8incher. Then move to a lower bar and either spot or have him go on his own. That's how I learned a higgins. It's not a very difficult trick, it's just a matter of practice and what not.
The floor bar to an 8 incher is working great! thank you thank you thank you.
Sure thing! I'm gald to see that it's working. The higgans really isn't too difficult of a skill once it's mastered on the floor. It is a little weird to put it on the high bar, so try doing it on a lower bar first. Good luck and keep up the great work!
teachrugratswga, before I go into details, are you still working the Higgins with your boy? If so, there are some other lead-ups that you can do. I realize that this post is a little old, so I figured I would ask that first. If I forget to check back here, feel free to email me.
I am still working the Higgins. We are making progress, but have not got the skill yet. He is catching the bar, but we are now running into a few problems with the El-grip giants.

More advice is welcome!!!!!!!!
My GREATEST apologies!!! Arg! I'm incredibly sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you... I started an internship last week and things have been incredibly hectic. Anywho...

The floorbar drill is definately a great start. But what can you do to transition? Or what if it's not completely working? If you have a tumble trak bar you can try some on there.

TT Drill: Place 8" on one side of the bar; do a bounce to H.S. then turn after the H.S. MAKING SURE YOU KEEP THE SHOULDER EXTENDED!!! This is definately a point you can't stress enough, since without it your boy(s) will ping off the bar (this hurts usually :eek: ). As the drill gets easier, try turning sooner and sooner to have the higgins completed by H.S.

Another drill that helps to transition to the actual skill is if you have an adjustable high bar (or if you can mat it up high enough), start with the bar as close to the mat as possible, and do about 5-10 turns on one height, raise the bar a little, and repeat. Sorry if that doesn't make sense - if it doesn't let me know.

Lastly, (preferrably after lots of the above drills) when the gymnast is getting more comfortable, let them try the skill either out of a cast, giant, toe-on/off, etc. (whatever you're using to get into it), and you can stand below the bar with a 4 or 8" mat to slow them down.

Again, if you need clarity let me know. And sorry again for taking sooooo long! Good luck and keep it safe!
coachnate: Great thinking with those drills! Definitly important to stress the keeping the shoulder extended, although pinging off the bar is fun on occassion :p.

As far as El-grip giants: if you have a strap bar try some in there. Also, try just swinging down from handstand in El-grip and progress slowly until you get to the giant. I never did those--only the Higgins, but I think that's how one of my teammates went about learning them.

Good luck and please keep us posted as to where you are on progessions, what drills you are trying and what you're goal is. Keep working hard!
Thanks to all for your help.

Coachnate and Hammy... EXTRA thanks to you. I will let everyone know when they get the skills!!!!!
So I started the throwing the 4" mat in to slow the boys down!!!! We are doing them out of giants. Great success so for. We haven't gone over in any el grips giants yet (still sort of a problem) but we are making great progress!!!!

Just an update!!!!:rolleyes:
I'm going to try and get a couple videos up, if I can figure out how. I'm not the most technilogically (is that right?) advanced guy around here.:confused:
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