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Jun 14, 2016
On Men's high bar, every so often someone's grip locks up, and often they break their wrist or worse. It seems to happen on eagle giants most.

Why does this happen? What can be done to avoid it?
I'm going to begin answering my own question...

-Grip lock seems to happen on eagle giants more frequently than anything else. I've heard people claim that it happens when the gymnast tries to re-grip
-I've heard it happens when grips are too long.
**I know it's not as simple as eagle giants and long grips cause grip lock because I've personally swung high bar for >25 years, and I like to wear my grips long and do lots of eagle work.

I currently use reisport protec grips, which don't seem to stretch at all. I wonder if they are 'safer' for avoiding grip lock?
Not open for further replies.