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Feb 5, 2006
Do High School teams in your area compete optional or compulsory routines?

Here in California most teams compete Level 5 Comp. for JV, and Level 6 for Varsity. When I competed we were able to do optional routines and it was awesome because it gave gymnasts who were having a hard time moving up in the club level a chance to show their personality at school meets.
They do optional, but through our ymcas, there's pre-opt. It's for girls older than 13 who are in level five/six and may never make it to optionals. There are easier(mdoified) requierements, and they get a chance to make up there routines.
The HSs in my state do optionals which is nice because (for example) even if they are in USAG level 5 they can compete varsity or jr varsity during the HS season. All are still going to be competing as level 5 after the hs season is over but they are learning and competing with level 6 or 7 skills in the hs program. Hopefully that made sense ( my brain is mush today).:D
I can't imagine gymnastics in high schools. Here in Tennessee, it's club gymnastics or nothing.
High school gymnastics isn't real big in this area. You can see routines from Level 5 to 8 at any given meet---a real mix of ability levels! We had girls from 3 high schools get together to form a team since they didn't have enough girls at any one school to make up a team. They compete for the school where they practice, but do get their athletic letters from their own schools.

I wouldn't say girls are told not to do high school gymnastics, but those that are hoping to get noticed by a college, don't do it. They focus on club team and getting to that tough Level 10.
The team in my area is also combined. They;re going for their second back to back state title today. To be on Varsity, you have to be at least a level eight, but most are higher. Those girls also compete during their summer club season.
We're in central CA and our high school varsity girls do optional routines. JV does level 6. But our meets go nowhere, sor some reason we don't go to regionals or state. Just section finals and that's it.
Its sad that there is nowhere for California HS gymnasts to go beyond sectionals. In NY, you first when to Sectionals, Counties and then State Championships, and each County competes as a team. It is a great meet, most of the gymnasts that make it are also club gymnasts and don't compete for the same gym but have to compete as a team. I wish California would do more with their HS program- we have so many great gyms around the state.
Our whole varsity team competes an optional routine, minus one. We usually don't end up taking her score though, since you only take 5 of the 6.

Helped us win state this year, though we had some problems on bars at the state meet... :D
Here we do optionals. High school is pretty much modified level 9 rules.
Out here, we have several high schools that will combine to form a "team." Basic skill requirements for being on the team is L5/L6 stuff. I believe the max on skills is anything allowed at L8, so you see a wide range of routines at a high school meet.
HS Gymnastics

My DD does HS gymnastics. We are in NY State. High school varsuty gymnastics is based on level 9 usag rules and regs. So during HS she competes as a level 9 but USAg she is a level 8. This is great becuase she gets to throw level 9 skills and test the waters on how she will score in USAG,The only problem is when she goes back to USAG she has to remove the level 9 skills.Hs gymnastics is a real treat for those level 5 and 6"s they go back to club and excell after the experience..
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