High School gymnastics- Vault- Help! what IS this?

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Aug 3, 2007
I'm trying to figure out the start value on high school vaults. My dd does either a handspring-full or a tsuk, depending on what part of her body happens to be hurting that day. I was told the tsuk is worth a 9.2 and the handspring-full is worth a 9.0, which really isn't that much of a difference. Since her hsf is much stronger than her tsuk, than she has been doing that, and it doesn't hurt as much. So, I looked it up on the start value chart for our state and I don't even see a tsuk listed. I'm seeing a Handspring-1/1 twist off, which I'm assuming is a handspring-full, worth 9.0 on the chart. No tsuks are on the chart, but I'm seeing Yama****a, of different variations. What IS that? Nothing on the chart is worth more than a 9.3. So I suppose my dd's 8.5's aren't all that bad. This is SO different from club gymnastics where she never got less than 9's on vault. Anyway, I checked the state scores for the year, are there are several vault scores in the 9's. How can this be if nothing is worth more than a 9.3? If that's the case, there are some high schoolers out there that are pretty close to perfect, and I find that hard to believe. What are your thought? And coaches, judges- what IS a Yama****a? Thanks!
Sep 21, 2008
I dont know what state you are in, but most high school codes are about the same as the optional/level 10 code for club. They may not COMPLETELY match up, but they are about as close as you get.

That said.. a tsuk (in illinois) tucked is, sadly, a whopping 9.4. Pike, 9.8. Layout 10.0.

So, depending on your states rules, a 9.2 for a tsuk may be totally reasonable. Illinois just this year finally allowed twisting in Yurchenko vaults (an example of how we lag behind the club system). So if your state is a little more advanced in terms of competition, your start values may be a little lower. Odds are, though, any double twisting vault, or layout vault, will probably start at a 10.0.

As for your other question, a Yama****a, for lack of any better way to explain it, is a delayed handspring piked - i.e., you jump off the springboard in a pike position, repel off the table piked, with rotation, then midway through flight change body shape. Very few people compete them anymore as they don't ever progress into any new skills. I think a few lower level club coaches teach them as a method of body awareness, or uniqueness in competition.

Does that mean that your daughter should not learn them? No. If she wants to, find someone who can teach it. However, if she wants to compete at the state level, or advance further, she needs to learn a more difficult vault.

I hope that answers all your questions. I wish you and your daughter the best of luck!!

Aug 3, 2007
I'm still trying to visualize your explaination for the yama****a, but it's hard. She won't be trying that- they aren't very high on the SV chart, unless it starts with a 1/1 twist on...and I don't see that happening. Her best best is to perfect her tsuk, and as you mentioned, maybe pike it or go with a layout. Still, I don't even see anything on the chart that's worth more than a 9.3 and I can't understand why the tsuk isn't even on here. Could it be called something else? Maybe next year she will have that down since her injuries are clearing up (we hope). Other vaults I see are yurchenkos in the higher level gymnasts, but we won't go there either. This high school thing is so confusing!
Aug 3, 2007
Here is a video of a guy doing a Yamas.hita vault. It is over the old vault but you can see it well. It is used here in Quebec in School gym too. That is such a high value for it though!

YouTube - vault handspring forward Yama****a (men)

Doesn't that word filter drive you nuts.

I watched that video and it looks almost like a regular handspring vault. It doesn't get the 9.3 start value in our state unless it starts off with 1/1 twist on. A regular yamasheta (I changed the sp!) is only worth an 8.8 here, same as a handspring.
Feb 26, 2007
Others are in a yamas-hita half like this YouTube - Shannon Miller - 1992 Olympics Team Compulsories - Vault or full, just with a pronounced pike in the post flight phase. One of our girls who did it on the old horse and then changes to the new one said she sometimes hit her back on it! Ouch. I think you need a very strong block before the pike,coming out of a full twist that would be interesting.

I'd love to see a video of the 1/1 on.

It is surprising that the tsuk has such a low value. Is your high school based on level 9?
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Aug 3, 2007
Our high school is based on level 8 1/2, but I think I heard somewhere that vault is based on level 9. Makes is hard for most high school gymnasts who only made it to level 7 or 8 before switching.
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