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Aug 3, 2007
Tonight, my daughter will be competing in her first high school gymnastics meet. She had competed USAG club for quite some time, as a 36+ all-arounder, and was very used to either winning or at least standing on the podium in most events. She left about 6 months ago-long, unfortunate story. Since high school has only been practicing for a month, she hasn't started doing any of her big skills. So, she will dance through her beam series with no tumbling and just a back tuck dismount, and there won't be any giants in her bar routine. She just did a flyaway for the first time this week in high school practice, although she learned it initially about 4 years ago. She's never done her new floor routine with tumbling so I don't know how that will pan out. She'll do a handspring vault, though she was doing level 9 vaults when she quit gymnastics 6 months ago. Supposedly, this is the approach her coach is taking: start simple, polish the skills, and concentrate only on the routines, and then work in the harder skills as the season progresses. Supposedly, he is a very reputable coach with many years experience, and has told her that scores mean nothing right now. I'm a bit baffled by this strategy and was wondering if anyone else had experienced the high school competition scene. It seems to me that the longer she waits, the harder it will be to get these skills back. My little gymnast is extremely nervous to the point of being physically ill. She was never, ever this nervous in club competition, and I think it's because she has never walked into a meet unprepared. What do you think?
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