High School Invitational Rotations

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Dec 20, 2010

I am a fairly new head coach at the high school level in Minnesota. I am trying to get things together for an invitational I have coming up in a few weeks, but I am having some trouble getting the meet rotation down correctly. This is the first year I will be having to run the invitational on my own. I am a bit nervous and just want to make sure I have the event rotations complete and correct. I have 11 teams total at the invitational and our order of events is: vault, bars, beam, floor. Can anyone help me with an 11 team rotation, or explain to me how the rotations are made.


Coach T
At high school meets usually each team rotates through a bye. So there are five rotations. It will depend on the size of the teams. Do you have two smaller teams that would roughly equal one larger team, that you could combine? Then you could put two teams to a rotation group plus one group of three smaller teams.

In high school gymnastics typically the format is to warm up all four events, then begin the competition and there is a touch before competing. So you will need to do rotations for the warm up as well, often you rotate in the reverse of the competitive order but I guess you need to check the rules of your specific league. Because of this format there won't be two "flights" per rotation as there are with typical USAG meets, where one group warms up while the other competes.

You should check to see if your league has any regulations or guidelines for an event of this type. You could email the meet director of another invitational for their input.
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