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Jan 8, 2006
Ahwahnee, CA
Gymbabi went to another high school meet today. She won every event and the all around. I was a little fried when the same judge that gave her a 9.0 3 weeks ago and an 8.3 last week for a routine that was missing her giants, gave her a 8.0 for a pretty good bar routine with giants. But she just went on and did her best. Can't hardly ask for any better than that!:)
We went to league finals saturday. It sort of sucked because all the girls from our gym got really low floor scores. Apparently they were all missing something in thier routines (a 3 leap pass) so they all got a 6/10 deduction and got no bonus points. A girl fell and didn't complete her routine and still scored as high as all our girls did. The stupid thing is these girls have been winning all along and no one caught the problem till league finals. Although one of the younger coaches told meshe had brought it to the attention of our coach and for some reason it was decided to leave the routines how they were. That kind of thing just fries me. I hate to see our girls get robbed over something that should have been caught in the beginning.
Gymbabi won bars had 2nd on beam 4th on vault and 10th on floor. She still took 2nd all around so I can't complain too much. But she has won floor at all but 1 meet (2nd that day) and 10th was a big blow. She shook it off and had a great time at her b-day party afterwards though.
Glad to here she still did well. It's so odd that a coach would choose to leave the routines. I've flashed scores for meets, and if something major is missing, the judge tells the coach, and the coach and her gymnast will have it fixed by the next 2 days.
Here's another little snippet. It turns out that our coach (who is both a usag judge and a high school judge) says that their bonus could not be taken away because they were missing a special requirement. If that's true then our girls got royally ripped off because they all had more than enough bonus to make up for the missing requirements.
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