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Feb 12, 2023
What should I know for my first year of high school experience as a freshman. I’m in 8th grade, math comes easy for me and I enjoy it, so does science but I hate chemistry and some physics, I am a strong writer but reading comprehension isn’t my best. I am taking advanced biology next year, gym counts for PE so I can take 2 electives: art and chorus, most friends now are either going to different high schools or moving before high school, school has a gym team but I don’t know If I am level and the thought of training on spring floors at local gym but competing on dead floors kind of scares me. I also have a history of bullying with girls going to this school and don't know how or if I should react differently in high school.
I'm also going into high school next year! I'm also pretty nervous, but the high school girls at my gym say it's better than middle school. Can't really give you advice on high school, but I've seen high school meets and most girls at my gym are on a school gymnastics team. Most high school teams (at least in my town) will take you as long as you have a roundoff-back handspring-back handspring and a salto on floor (the most usual tumbling passes in high school gym are RO-BHS-back layout and a fhs-front tuck). A backwalkover, cartwheel, full turn on beam, fhs on vault. kip, squat on, cast to above horizontal on bars. These are just the bare minimum skills, most high school gymnastics routines have skills like this: Floor: switch leap, ro-bhs-back layout (or layout full), fhs-front tuck, double turn (any turn above a regular full turn). Vault: Most do a Yurchenko or Tsuk of some sort. Bars: Kip, cast handstand, clear hip, sole circle or squat on, flyaway. Beam: a fancy mount, bwo-bwo, bhs, roundoff, or bwo-bhs; full turn, split leap, split jump, wolf jump, dismount is either front tuck, back tuck, back layout or rarely a twisting dismount.
Not open for further replies.