OT Highest AA score?

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Jun 11, 2015
My highest all around score was back in the old days Bronze xcel! 38.35
Let me know what you or your DD"s highest all around score was!
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My DDs highest score was a 36.05 (that one had slightly generous scoring though) and her highest that she counts for herself was 36.025. She averaged 34.somethings and is pretty darn happy with those. Lol.
Dd had a 37.825 in level 3, highest in level 5 was a 37.275.

Highest in 4 was in the 36s and we were so happy for that! It was a tough season.

I am excited to see how 6 goes.
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Old level 4: 36.45
Old Level 5 (scored out): 33.7
Old Level 6 (1st season): 32.825
Old Level 6: 34.5
New Level 5: 36.325
New Level 6: 37.25**Highest Ever
Level 7: 36.35
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New Level 3: 37.975 or 38. something... I can't really remember
New Level 4 last year: 35.95 (out on injury though)
So far this year (past two meets lol) Level 4: 35.5
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My dd's highest was in XB last year. 38.375. That put her in 2nd place at Regionals. We were very proud. Region 8 Xcel is very competitive, had girls scoring high 37's and not even in the top 7. She is competing silver this year and it's tougher so I'm not expecting to every see a score like that again lol, but it was nice while it lasted!
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Old L3: 36.5 highest score was a 9.8 on vault
Old L5: 35.9 highest score was a 9.3 on bars
New L6: 36.1 (three meets) highest score was a 9.3 on vault
L7: 36.5 highest score was a 9.4 on vault
L8: 34 (one meet during L7 season) highest score was a 9.0 on floor
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