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Hiring in Toledo, Ohio

Discussion in 'Coach Forum' started by Coach IST, Feb 16, 2018.

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  1. Looking for Boy's Competitive Team Coaches (Levels 4-10), as well as Boy's Recreational Coaches:

    Our team has tripled in size over the past year and is on track to become the largest team in Northwest Ohio. We are currently looking for dedicated coaches (female or male) who are looking for a family atmosphere and open to sharing and receiving knowledge from other coaches to continually expand their coaching repertoire.

    Pay/Benefits/Schedules negotiable.
    Position placement based on experience and commitment level.
    Looking to hire immediately.

    Head Coach Contact - Ian Thomas
    Phone - 616-204-9679
    Email - exceleration@att.net

    Exceleration Gymnastics
    2255 South Reynolds Road
    Toledo, Ohio 43614
  2. Successful weekend at Men's State Championships! 3 All-Around State Champion Titles, 1 USAG State Team Member, 1 Runner Up State Championship Title, countless event State Champion Titles, and 2nd Place State Team! Check out our feed on Facebook and Twitter! Watch this space!
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    We are looking to develop a comprehensive Men’s Competitive Gymnastics Program which draws on a variety of disciplines to enrich the experiences of each gymnast.

    · Multi-disciplinary MAG Coaches (1-3+ times per week)
    · Single or Specific Event MAG Coaches (1-3+ times per week)
    · Pre-Team MAG Coaches (1-2x per week)
    · Recreational/Beginner/Intermediate Gymnastics Coaches (1-2x per week)
    · Trampoline Specialists/Coaches (1-2x per week)
    · Fitness & Conditioning Instructors/Specialists (1-2x per week)
    · Physical Therapists/Flexibility/Yoga Instructors (1-2x per week)
    · Ballet/Dance/Presentation Instructors (1-2x per week)

    Extremely flexible scheduling!
    Part to Full Time Employment!
    Competitive hourly compensation and incentives!
    Equal Opportunity Employment!
    Looking to hire immediately!
    Come join the family!

    Program Director – Steve Reamey
    Head Coach - Ian Thomas - (616) 204-9679
    Club Phone - 419-381-1000
    Club Email - exceleration@att.net

    Exceleration Gymnastics – “Excel with us!”
    2255 South Reynolds Road
    Toledo, Ohio 43614
  4. We had a successful season with the most regional qualifiers of all the gyms in Northwest Ohio at the Men's Region 5 Championships this year! 2 Top-8 All-Around Regional Champion Titles, 4 Top-5 Event Regional Champion Titles, and 3rd Place Regional Championship Team!
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