"Hit 4 for 4"?

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I often hear gymnasts say what I think is "hit four for four". What does this mean?

Rebecca Bross once said she "hit eight for eight" in an interview, and I'm assuming this is a very similar thing.

Thanks :cool:
i've heart hit 4 for 4 and it means because there are 4 events that it means to hit on every event like nail/place :) but im not sure about eight for eight never heard it maybe it has to do with placings of the olympics how there are 8 girls and specialists that she needs to get in the top 8 on every event? :)
Yes, eight for eight means they hit all routines in prelims and finals, or day one and day two.
At the Visa Championships, there's two nights of comptition, 4 events each night. So Bross meant she wanted to "hit" all 4 events on the 2 days.:)
to hit 4 for 4 is to place in all 4 events and stick each routine(not falling off beam, etc.). to hit 8 for 8 is when you have 2 days of competition and you place in all events both days and stick each routine.:)
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