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Jul 26, 2008

I'm a mom to three, all of whom are involved in gymnastics. Stumbled on this site when I was trying to find a good reference for parents who have no idea what their gymnasts are telling them! :)

My oldest is 7.5yrs and picked up gym over the winter as something to do during soccer's offseason. She tried out for and made the pre-team at level 3, and will be competing locally this year.

My middle is 5.5yrs and the one who SHOULD be trying out, but right now just does rec gym. Her coach has her working the same skills as the level 2 girls.

Last but not least, my youngest is not quite 3 and started preschool gym this summer. Absolutely LOVES it, wants to know why he only gets to go once a week and where is HIS leotard??
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Hello and welcome! You definitely have a busy schedule, don't you? I have three kids, too, but only one is a gymmie. My boys just started martial arts, so my schedule has gotten a bit more full these days, too.

I am currently lost the moment we move beyond the preschool room.... ;) I was a competitive swimmer growing up, but gymnastics is still beyond me!
Welcome. You'll figure out all the lingo. I still ask my dd what the heck she is talking about sometimes :D
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