Coaches hollowing the front handspring or front bounder

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Nov 17, 2009
region 8
I have a gymnnast who keeps having the hollow body position out of the front layout. This will make it hard to connect it to anything in the future. I have tried to get her to correct to an arch but she is still hollowing out. Are there any drills anyone can suggest?
Yes they go between two blocks onto the track or mat, it's like a P-bars drill. But what you really want is the "head release" when she "peaks" the skill. I will try to find a video.

Edit: here's the first drill going from beginner to advanced

Edit 2: also, I'm assuming she has a correct forward "flyspring" and can connect two or more flysprings, particularly on track. If that's not true, then she needs to go way back.

great front layout drill - YouTube

thanks gymdog. that is a great drill. yes, she can connect the flysprings. the hollow issue seems to happen when she does the front layount first. i will try this setup.
Work a series of three flysprings as a warm-up and then transition to this series..... front handspring, front layout, flyspring. Train that until she can do a front tuck after the flyspring. That should force her to keep her head and body in the correct shape for the skill following the front layout and while trying to build energy... or at least use what energy she has as wisely as possible.
Does she look at the wall until she can't? That forced me into an arch.

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