Home-decorated gym shirts!

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Jul 8, 2008
E was jealous of the girls' pretty leotards, so on a suggestion from gymdog we made our own:


(Falling out of a rare headstand (I know they're not good for his little spine)--note the upside down name)


Because "Go" is one of the three words he can spell.


I suggested this thinking he wouldn't like it, but he thinks it's the best joke ever.


He decorated the back with gatorade bottle caps and sparkle paint.

We had a lot of fun this morning and he can't wait to wear his shirts to gym. He thinks he's cool now.
How cute is that!!! What an AWESOME idea!! I wish I was creative enough to come up with things like that.
Aren't you a talented gym team.

I think you should start selling them on EBAY, kids love personalized stuff and there is nothing out there for male gymmies.

By the way he is sooo cute.:)
I think its very adorable. Different colors and girls could wear them too.
Those are SO cute! And what a great idea - I think I'll let my little guy do something like that! He's always asking why his sisters get to wear flashy leos and "Where's MY pink lee-tahd, Momma??"
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