MAG Home mushroom (and flexibility update)

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Oct 7, 2013
DS is in his first level 4 season. He can currently do one circle on mushroom, and is asking for a mushroom for home. Is it worth purchasing for him? Or, like girls equipment, is it best to stay away? Thanks for any help!

Also quick update on the stretching - there's been no more pushing by coach, and his left split is almost down! He's been stretching daily on his own at home (though usually just a few 10 counts). And if he's warmed up, he's pretty much got his pancake... though the rest is still a ways off!
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mushroom..totally worth it!! TOtally. My son made so much progress. Especially since he already has a circle and knows the right way to do it. We had ours from pre-L4 until L7 when we sold it for teh same amount we paid for it :) (now we have a floor pommel. sigh)
YES!!!! I kept my eye out for used ones for a few months and was nervous when I finally found one and bought it. We paid $100, which was kind of a lot for us, espeicially since my son had only been doing gymnastics 2 months. He was doing a single circle soon after, then multiple circles soon after that. It's also allowed him to try out some of the other moves like flares.
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It's worth it. My little guy has had his several years, and he and several neighbors (also gymnasts) still use it frequently. Try Craigslist, I've seen them for sale there occasionally.
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We have one sitting in our living room, in front of the TV (sigh...). It has really helped both my boys. They've done well on pommel this year (level 4 and 5). Totally worth it (even if it is an eyesore). Put the word out with the older team boys that you are looking and someone might have a used one to sell.
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Mushroom is definitely worth it. Personally, I think the ideal time to introduce a home one is when they have achieved 1 circle in class, and now the goal is to start connecting it... to do 1 1/4, 1 1/2, and eventually 2. Once the have figured out how to connect 2 circles, there's no stopping them and suddenly they are doing 10 :)

So it sounds like now is the perfect time!
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Yes -- it's the one piece of home gym gear that I think just about everyone would enthusiastically recommend. The only caveat is that they shouldn't start at home until they understand the technique, but by the time anyone is asking about a home mushroom, they usually do know in theory what they're supposed to be doing. Knowing what I know about wrists now too I'd also discourage doing more than 50 circles at a time. (Yes, this will eventually be a realistic risk.)
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Oh, wow! Thanks, everyone!

I'll definitely put some feelers out in the gym, but looks like we're going mushroom shopping!

Thanks again for your input.
Agreed, my friend's level 4 loves to play on his mushroom and is very good at circles.

I am still amazed at circles, they seem to defy the laws of physics.
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