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I have 5 homecoming dates now! One of the many advantages of being the oldest guy in a gym full of single girls!! So most of the girl gymnasts don't have time for bf's and don't have a ton of guy friends. Then I show up in the gym and all of a sudden they all have a crush on me. "You're a guy and you're into gym, what more could we possibly want??" So a group of 5 of the girls was going to go together until they found out I didn't have a date. I sorta wanted to ask someone from gym but didn't because of all the drama it would start. So yesterday a group of 5 of them came up to me after practice and were like "your going to homecoming with us...all of us are your date now!" It was cute, so of course I said yes :) Cute lil story I thought I'd share...
Can you tell us foreigners a bit about what homecoming is, sounds like a party.

We want pictures too!!!
hahahaha i no. we dont even have any guy coaches. we actually have a lot of annoying guys who stand outside the door and try to peek in the windows. but were like wouldnt it be awesome if we had guys at our gym?! its alright though. i have a picture with paul hamm. hes a guy gymnast and an olympic champion so that pretty much works for me.
Homecoming is like a party. It's at the beginning of the school year. I'm a freshman so I don't know what it's for. We don't have a whole lot of guys at gym either. I homeschool but my boyfriend got back from New York and insisted on taking me to homecoming. :D He is so sweet.
It's a dance at the beginning of the school year - kind of like a big party thrown to welcome everyone back. It's a big dance, some people have dates and some go as groups. Prom is in spring, and it's for upperclassmen and you need a date. Of course, it doesn't have to be your boyfriend, it can be your friend, but a freshman or sophmore can only go to prom if they're the date of a junior or senior. Anyone can go to homecoming.

That's soooooo cute! Have fun!!
Homecoming is sorta like prom, but it's a school spirit celebration. There's a dance, a football game, usually a weeks worth of activities around school spirit. We had a parade at our football game where each grade made a float. A lot of time alumni will go to the football game and cheer on their alma mater. Then the Homecoming dance is the last hurrah of the week. My schools was never more than semi-formal and most people didn't bring dates but at a lot of schools it's a big formal thing, some even serve meals and whatnot like a ball.

Mike that's so cute you're going to HAVE to take and post pictures!

Homecoming has two purposes. 1) Supposidly it is when graduated kids (alumni) come back to visit their HS. 2) Spirit week/students "kicking off" the new year and bonding with their class.

The climax of homecoming is the homecoming parade, the football game, and the dance...which at our school is saturday morning, afternoon, and evening. All week leading up to it there are all kinds of special events (Spirit week). We have a hall decorating contest (each class has their own floor to decorate with a theme), we have crazy hat day, we have battle of the classes, PJ day, a pep rally and bonfire, and a few other random events. Then the last day is the parade through our town from Village Hall to the HS, then the football game (usually against one of our rivals), and then the dance (semi-formal, open to all students and "young alumni").

All I can say is that its a freakin blast...probably my favorite week of school all year. I have a little role in planning a lot of the events since I'm on Student Council.

Now prom is at the end of the year. We have 2 proms...Junior Prom and Senior Prom. Junior prom is about a month before school ends and is restricted to juniors and their dates only. Senior prom is between finals and graduation and is restricted to seniors and their dates only. Some smaller schools combine junior and senior proms into one. You don't have to have a date, and many people go alone or with friends. Junior prom is usually at a local catering place, and we have to go by coach bus from our school to prom and back (in the past people were spending way too much money on junior prom, so if you only have to go from your house to school, there is no reason for anyone to drop money on a limo...also, liability concerns with people driving). Senior prom is much fancier. We usually have ours at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square (NYC), everyone hires limos to take them there, and its a big event/big deal with all kinds of before parties and after parties and staying in hotels in NYC after prom is over and yeah...exciting! I'm very much looking forward to my senior prom.

Oh, and part of Battle of the classes is stuff like relay races and sports stuff including some conditioning contests and you see whichever class does the best. Lets just say that my class always has its gymnasts do the conditioning contests and they always dominate bigtime!
Aw that's cute! When is your homecoming? Mine is a week from today. Those 3 guys I told you about...yeah, they all asked me on the same day, but I said yes to the one who asked me first (Billy, not Jason). It'll definitely be fun.
I WANT A HOMECOMING!!! And I want to be at an American highschool. Ours sucks! We get discos in first and second year, and stupid winter ceilidh dances which you don't even get to doll up for, and then FINALLY a prom in sixth year.

I am so jealous.

Oh, and whats freshmen and upperclassmen etc?
Freshman= 9th grade.
Sophomore=10th grade.

The juniors and seniors make up the 'upperclass'. At our school, only the upperclassmen have open campus for lunch.
Freshman= 9th grade.
Sophomore=10th grade.

The juniors and seniors make up the 'upperclass'. At our school, only the upperclassmen have open campus for lunch.

So what ages are you during those years? In Scotland we have:
Primary 1 (4-5 years old), then 2 up to 7. Then we leave primary school at about 11ish and go to high school or secondary school (same thing, different names) and have first up to sixth year. Sixth years are normally seventeenish.

I'm not a total retard its just everyone talks about grades and stuff and I'm like I don't know what you're talking about!
Kindergarten begins at 5, then there are 11, 12 or 13 years foschool, so oadd one year for each grade.

6-11 Some kids begin high school here, othere do grades 7-9 in a middle school
11-16 Here in Quebec high school ends here
12-17 In most of Canada and the US high school ends here
13-18 A few regions have grade 13

Sixth form college does not really exist here, except in Quebec Canada, where we have something called CEGEp, which is what you do pre university for two years. In all other places kids go directly to university from high school and complete 4 years there.

It took me a while to get a grasp on it all, now I have kids in the system it helps, but it is very different. My son who is 16, will be 17 next july, is in grade 11, sec 5, and her will graduate this year. They will have a prom all that North American stuff.

I remember in Manchester on our last day of school we threw flour and eggs at each other and then walked home. So different.
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