WAG Homework for gymnasts during the gym closures

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Nov 16, 2012
I think that now is a perfect time to teach our gymnasts to "study" gymnastics at home. They will have so much time in their hands that they'll be happy to do some gymnastics home work. And I don't only mean conditioning, but also something like technical analysis of the skill they are working on or mental training.

So let's brainstorm here! In my country EVERYTHING stops for the following month and I'm planning on giving my girls some homework to do every day. The parents seem happy about that too!

So far I have came up with an idea to give my gymnasts my username and password for Gymneo videos and making them watch at least one video from every apparatus and make notes, and then send them to me.

Other idea that I had was to make them watch certain Doc Ali's Tight Mind Monday videos about mental blocks and build "Confidence Ladder" that she talks about in the video at home.

I was also planning to make them watch certain amount of videos of their favorite elite gymnasts and take at least some dance parts from their beam routines and memorize them, and maybe add some in their own beam routine

I was also planning on making them read some parts of the Code of Points and add some kind of assignement there

These ideas are mostly for my optional level teen age kids. I also have some younger kids and would love to get some ideas for them too!

Let's share our ideas here!
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