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School started Sept. 4th and I've already had this ridiculous amount of homework.
I had 2 speeches, 3 essays (they were for the same class), huge math assignment, and an entire chapter of US history, with another one due on Monday, and re-reading eight chapters of my summer-project novel. Some of that was with only one days' notice.
Aug 8, 2007
West Coast
oh, i have tons of homework too!
school has been in session for 2 weeks. so far i've had:
English 11: The crucible, choice novel, book report #1, 1 quickwrite.
AP US history: (the book is so dry, and we have the edition from 13 years ago) over 100 pages of notes with key terms, 3 tests, 3 "quick essays",
Algebra 2 H: not as much, just about 30 problems every night, 2 tests.
Spanish 3: 1 essay, 3 tests, and regular homework every night.

I've done about 2 or 3 hours of homework a night, and about 10 on the weekends.

I'm breaking my back just carrying books, we don't have lockers.


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Sep 3, 2005
Good luck with it...I kinda miss school. Nevermind....:rotfl:


maddiekate, I love The Crucible. We acted the whole thing out in my class last year. I was Elizabeth. I was told I was a great actress. Won't spoil anything, but everyone told me they had tears in their eyes hearing my voice.

I'm a junior.

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Dec 23, 2006
Homework is a word parents hate to hear. My 11 yo started 6th grade(middle school) here, so its been an adjustment. Her science and Spanish teachers try and get most assignments done in class. She has to do a weekly reading log to be turned in every Tues, planner check 1x/week, has had 3 mini projects in humanities, 1 book report already done and another due in 3 weeks. Her Algebra teacher is the one who loads them up with work---at least 25 problems/night. So far, she is learning to work ahead and get things done on the weekend.

Don't know how some of you high school kids manage the AP classes plus all the time in the gym.


^^That is a lot for sixth grade. I compete for a relaxed YMCA, so I can choose what days and how many times a week I want to go, based on guidelines for what levels practice each night. Personally, I'd go everyday, but I just can't do that. I do gym Mon/Wed (2.5 hours). I coach Tuesday/Thursday (2 hours) Plus do my weight training for track those nights after work(40 min.) I do my violin lesson Fridays(1 hr), and go to football -9later basketball games). Saturdays I coach for 4 hours, then do homework/time with family/ volunteer with youth group and Sundays I usually have something to do at church, then open gym, and last-chance for homework. March is when it gets crazy b/c I have track every day for at least 2 hours, plus meets and study for AP exams. Right now, I think I'll be ok if I can stay focused.


Wow. That is a lot. I have a National History Day project that we have to have 40 sources for and we have to write a college-style research paper if we want to do a research paper. At least it is due in January but it's hard.
You have a full schedule! Good luck to all with homework.
Sep 22, 2007
Wisconsin, US
Yeah, that is...

I'm a sophmore in high school, and I seriously think I have less homework this year than last-usually an hour a day, with long term stuff on the weekends.


Juni--that's really not too bad for a homework load. I think more and more high schools are trying to prepare students for college with the homework loads. Although, I've found so far most of my college stuff has been reading the textbooks (which is a whole lot of reading). In college some professors (usually the really strict and study crazy ones) say that if you spend three hours in class a week you should spend about 3 hours at home (at least). Personally, I think it's a little crazy, after all we're paying them to teach us, but anywho, I could go on forever about that. Schedule study time and what not, and trust me, it'll come in handy later on in life, even after your schedule seems to thin out.
Sep 9, 2007
wow you all get a ton of homework! I only get maybe an hour a night for everything and 3 at weekends, but I study all my notes too. Still that only takes me 2 hours max, how do you guys do all that?

My school bag is so heavy too. I walk lop sided because its so heavy.



I like Tuesday/Thursday because my load it really light, I have my electives, one core class, and P.E. on T/T so all i need is one binder and my P.E. clothes. W/F are bad because all of my classes require a binder. 3/4 of my classes are core and my last one is German...Mondays I have all my classes so my bag is really full...I have a seperate bag for my P.E. clothes, lunch, and purse but it is really heavy!
Apr 2, 2007
My backpack is only really heavy on Mondays or when I have to bring anything else becuase I have all my classes. But as for homework I guess I am really lucky because I rarely have any homework, except for at the end of the semester when presentations and projects are due. But normally One hour or less.


Now my schedule is full.
On Mondays I have school then cheer for two hours after school
Tuesdays I have Key Club at lunch, gymnastics for two hours
Wednesdays I have ASB and Cheer for two hours
Thursdays I have Cheer for two hours then gym for two hours
Fridays I have yearbook

I am tutoring people in German so I am meeting with them this week because originally I only tutored one person but now there are a lot of people so I will make it an open thing.
Dec 8, 2007
I usually end up having MORE homework on the days I have gym. The days I don't I have like no homework. I'm only in 8th grade so I'm sure I'll get a lot more next year. I can usually get most of it done in school cuz im just like sitting there. But I have to study at home and so on monday my teacher gave us one quiz on tuesday and one test on wendesday. well i have gym on monday and tuesday so i had like one night to study for the first one and like 1 to study for the second one cuz i was cramming for the first one the night before haha


I get a lot of homework too. ugh....
I usually do my homework on the way to gymnastics! =)
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