Honma on Rings

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Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
One of my guys (going level 8 next year) wants to learn a Honma on rings (forward roll from swing to support). I've never done one myself, and I'm not really sure how to teach it. Anybody got any good drills or tips?

Sorry--i can't help ya with that one-i'll ask around to some of my teammates who were on the guys' team. I love watchin the skill though!
We always just threw them on the pit rings. If you messed up and chicken winged yourself, you could just let go and bail out.

As with any most ring skills, the key is to keep pressure on the rings.
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So do you enter it as you would an inlocate, or as you would a back-uprise? Is the frist step to roll the shoulders, or is the first step to puch down on the rings to gain upward momentum?
One drill that I have found quite useful for simluating Homnas is:

-on the end of a 20cm (forgive my metric here) safety mat facing the length of the mat, gymnast is in front support...coach lifts feet so gymnast is horizontal in front support (slightly arched)...coach rapidly lifts heels three times ("1...2...3.."), with the gymnast staying in a slightly arched position...on "3" coach rapidly lifts heels upward (thus, flipping the gymnast forward)...gymnast pikes while rotating (this will come quite automatically) and lands sitting in l-sit position on mat.

After a gymnast masters it on the 20cm mat, you can move it to a low set of rings (typically, 5 to 10 cms higher than the safety mat underneath the rings)...this is helpful in stressing the importance of keeping pressure on the rings, and better simulates having to finish in support.

It sounds a little crude in type, but it works quite well. If you have any questions, please contact me and I can see what I can do about posting a video.

Once the gymnast has done these drills for a while, take it up to regulation height rings. Simple tap the gymnast a little bit on the upward phase of the swing, if needed. Watch out for any chicken winging...
that looks fun i will be asking my choach if i can start some drills on them
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