For Coaches hop change in Shawn Johnson's bar routine

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Feb 22, 2007
In the beginning of Shawn Johnson's bar routine is it a hop change that she does it seems like she does it so early the it doesent seem like a true hop change. does she get credit for the skill? Also if it is considered a different skill how would you guys go about teaching it


Jul 5, 2007
Okay can I just say I hate those grip changes before the hips have barely left the bar? It...confuses me or something, I just don't like it. I had forgotten about Shawn's but I've noticed some Chinese gymnasts doing it. Xiao TingTing hops really early, pretty much as her hips leave the bar:

I don't know if it gets credit or if it's a different skill though. I thought in the JO system in order to get the C release credit you have to be within so many degrees of handstand, but maybe I just assumed it.
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Sep 13, 2007
way out West
That's not a hop's just what it looks like: a crappy kip, lay on the bar, turn your hands around and do a front giant. So bad.

Sadly, it's not worth doing a hop-change because it has such a low value in the code, that it is better to take a deduction for doing an "uncharacteristic element" than try to do a worthless hop-change, because it isn't going to count anyway.

I think that deduction for "stupid stuff" like that hand change, or standing on the bar, etc. should be a more significant deduction. Letting that slip really cheapens a bar routine.
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