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Jan 8, 2006
Ahwahnee, CA
I figured (hoped) maybe there were no posts because everyones waiting for someone else to get started. I've had a hard time finding anywhere that other gym parents post since gymnzone went away. So anyway here goes!
I have a level 7 gymnast in california. Our first meet of the season will be next weekend (Jan 15th) Santa Cruz Surf Classic. Anyone else going to be there? :)
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Message boards are tough to start

gymbabisMom said:
Hello, Hello, Am I the only one who ever looks here? :confused:

It's tough to start a message board. It takes persistant, patient members. Just keep up what your doing and people will show up. If you have any suggestions for new categories just tell me and I see what I can do.

Hi - I look on here but im a gymnast myself and i wasnt sure whether to post anything in here, i thought it might have been for parents only or something.
but seeing as no-one else did, i thought i should.
so i guess thats it! see ya
I've been telling everyone at the gym about this site, so far the only one from our gym that's posted is my daughters nut of a best friend.lol But she's a motormouth so maybe she can get the girls thinking about it.
i still dont no y gymnzone went down.. i stopped posting for like a week and then it was gone... iv found no other boards where ppl actually post
I hope that another gymnastics message board can get going. I miss gymzone :( I think that Obeg just had to much going on in his life and I think his daughter stopped doing gymnastics.
Oh I wondered if that might have happened. With all the stuff obeg was talking about going on in his life, when it was gone, I figured he must have gotten overwhelmed. It's too bad his daughter stopped, she sounded really talented.
Hello from Canada

Seem there are always moms on these forums so I thought I would join to give a fathers view.
My daughter Kelsey is a HP gymnast from Ontario (Toronto Area) she is coached by Elena Davidova 1980 Olympic AA champion.

Hello to all
oh cool! HI!. How old is your daughter? Are you really into the sport?
My daughter is 14, her goal is to compete in Bejing in 2008. Her name is Kelsey she was the 2005 national junoir champion and athlete of the year. We as a family are very into gymnastics!
Wow! I've heard of her before. I follow a lot of gymnastics, even juniors. I hope she reaches her goal!
We are all pulling for her! She had a couple serious injuries to battle through last year which kept her from competing at all.
That's too bad. My friend broke her arm and could only compete one meet at that level. She still has problem with bars.
Hello there! I'm a retired gymnast, now a coach, so I look on here. hopefully I can be as much help as possible!
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