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Good morning! Has anyone heard of the HOPE program? I was recently told (very little!) about it, but am basically under the impression that it is like TOPS but for older girls. My query stems from the fact that my DD is a very good gymnasts, has placed 1st all-around more than she hasn't, but is about to be 12 and therefore would not qualify for TOPS. Any info. would be appreciated.



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Jul 16, 2007
Yes, that earlier poster is correct. There happens to be quite a bit of overlap (as of last year) between 11yo Tops skills and Hopes, but Hopes is basically the elite code minus a single-rail release on bars and D dismounts. You have to be 12yo or younger in a particular year to participate (meaning only 1997 or younger can participate in 2009).

It has changed every year since Hopes started (3 years), but last year 12yo competed against each other and 11 and under competed against each other. The gymnasts do optional (70%) and compulsory (30%) routines. I can give you sample routines and videos if you are interested in learning about it at that level of detail.
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