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Hi -

The HC at our gym talked to me today about coaching. This is something that I have been very interested in and thinking about. I would begin w/ Pre-school and Rec classes and work towards taking on the L3 pre-team at some point.

Although I do not have a coaching backround I did gymnastics for years as a kid (have to admit it has been a while ) I have pretty good knowledge of the basics and L3 routines and some spotting skills.

Anyone have suggestions on reading materials, websites (I have been looking through the skills & drills here) etc that might help me out as I learn?

I am very excited, I love gymnastics., which also has a page of coaching links

USAG use to have a very accessible article section online but last I remember even the pdf's were not working, especially the old urls to the old articles. Nice dvd selection

Look for Valentin Uzuonov's

Dig around for old Congress handbooks or Technique magazines. USAG has some decent materials in their store.

Look up articles by Gina Pongetti and Bill Sands.
Congrats and welcome to the coaching club! I'm actually making my return to coaching this fall after 2 years off, too!

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