Hoping for another good meet.

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Another meet weekend coming up for us. And, of course, another not so great practice before a meet. I think it was a case of not eating enough (she was home with DH, I don't let her go unless she eats). Sometimes a bad practice equals a good meet, so I have my finger crossed. Just when the coach compliments her and says she's been doing great and her confidence seems up! I think she jinxed her. There will be a lot of girls at this meet that she will see at states, so I'm hoping she does good. I know she always gives it her all.

It has been a better week at home at least.
Glad things are better at home and good luck at this weekends meet. We have our last meet before States this weekend too, and lucky us we drew 8am sunday, compounded by a time change for us this weekend means early early to bed saturday.

Seriously though I hope everything goes well, and home is calm and incident free. You didn't by any chance just pay off a vehicle did you, in my world two days after I paid off my van I had a minor boo-boo and dented the back bumper. Go figure!:eek:
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Yuck, 8:00 am with a time change! We were luck, 12:30 on Saturday. Meet is probably about one hour 15 minutes away. Some of the girls have to be there at 8:00 am. While I like being done either, neither DD or I are much of morning people on weekend! If we were that early on Sunday, we'd be to bed early both Friday and Saturday.

Van has been paid off for a while. It is about 8 years old, but it has been a good van. DH still feels bad. It is the first boo-boo van has gotten.

It is nice not having to walk on so many eggshells this week!

Good luck to your DD too!
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