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What are good hours for a level 5 to be working? i am doing 6 hours but i want more.
I would say at least 10 hours a week to be successful at level 5. 14-16 would be better.
ur from melbourne so..... the max you can do in state 5 is 10hours a week. For national level 5 you can do more hours, but it means ur against talented national stream kids. so the answer is, at level 5, u can do only 10hours maximum.
sorry that is for WAG levels..... for MAG requirements id have nooooooooo idea
I do national level 5 and i got most level 5 and 6 on just 6 hours is that good
p.s i have been doing gym for all most 3 years
My DD does L4 and goes about (3 days) 10 hrs week. Our L5's go more, 3 nights a week & Sat for about 15 hrs. I suppose every gym has different schedules depending on how competative they are. Our L5's are new, just moved up from L4 (we did not have a L5 team before that for a few years) so they are working on learning the routines to be able to compete ASAP.

Sounds like you've been bit by the gymnastics bug, LOL. My DD loves being in the gym & might complain if she were only there 6 hours. Maybe you will get the additional hours when you move up?
Our level 5-7 go 9 hours a week with the option of going 10.5 hours. I would like to see them going more but we just don't have the room & so many of the girls are in other sports that I don't think they would make it to any more practices:(
I would say about 12-16 hours would be perfect, but I'm not sure exactly how your system works, so I can't say for sure. Also, as someone else said--every gym and program is different.
it seems strange ur doing national stream on such small hours. as i say though i know nothing about MAG, apart from that at my gym we have our national boys doing 14hrs a week and i think they r only level 4 and i think they r probably about 9 or 10years old.... but our state kids only do about 6hours.
and as i said earlier for WAG at state level 5 your not allowed to do more than 10 hours. I would double check what program your doing with your club, if you are doing national stream you should be doing about 14hrs..... but it sounds to me like your doing state stream, as I think a club would not have kids competing national stream on 6hrs because the standard is soooo high as the hours are unlimited... so it would be disadvantaging you to enter you in national stream and have you compete against kids doing like 24hrs a week etc.
Where I live in Australia there is no state stream. There is just the National stream and the international stream. And yes there are boys training 6 hours a week competing against boys training 16 hours a week and it isn't Always the ones who train more who come out on top.

It is difficult to compare WAG training hours to MAG training hours. Boys classes tend to be smaller so often nt quite as many hours are needed.
for MAG in Australia, there is really only the National stream (or international) as Aussie_Coach said.
There is a new state stream that was just introduced last year but it is not really big/popular at the moment because it is new (I am basing this on availability of competitions). I really hope it does become more popular with lots of competitions etc just like the WAG state stream because I think the implementation of a state stream for the boys is a great idea.
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