Anon How active should a parent be in their daughter's gymnastics journey?

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I don’t think it’s really a bad thing for parents to work with their gymnasts on goal setting.

It’s important that the goals are the gymnasts goals and not the parents goals. But goal setting is a valuable learned skill.

Sitting down with them and helping them think of their own ideas of goals they might want to achieve and plans to work towards them. It helps your children develop thinking skills.

Any pressure from parents can destroy they process. But helping kids to bring their thoughts together and systemise them can be great.
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I would say talk to your daughter about it, ask if she would like you to be more involved and if she needs more support, if she is struggling it might be good to try. I would also suggest talking to her coach about your concerns and what you've noticed about her opting out of harder skills and being distracted.
I am probably at the gym more than I should be but I love watching my daughter. She is amazingly good at gymnastics. She picks up skills quickly, is brave, takes correction very well, is the hardest worker during conditioning, and is so kind and helpful to her teamates... she will probably end up a coach. She is also good at other things but shines brightest at the gym. I work as a project manager and my whole day is dealing with difficult problems or people (often I work while at the gym) and watching my tiny little 9 year old level 8 killing it at practice is often the best part of my day.
I'm not sure anyone else is still following this thread, but I listened to this webinar that was put in today's newsletter from USA Gymnastics and it's a great listen! Talks all about parenting styles and how to be an effective advocate for your kiddo without being too pushy for the wrong reasons. I got a lot out of it and thought some others following this thread may too:

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We are really getting some great threads in anonymous land here. Wish they weren't all in the anonymous section... great stuff though. Remember to "uncheck" the box if you don't want to be anonymous.

I just wanted to add this interesting article...

Yes, my daughter usually loves to share everything in the gym with me. Sometimes excitements about picking up the skills , sometimes complaining about hard conditions. Sometimes if I ask some gymnastics questions, she wud say she didn’t want to talk about it which means My question makes her uncomfortable . I need to stop. It really depends on her mood.
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