How can i learn to do good ring leaps??

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Sep 13, 2008
Hi i am only a level six but i am working on becoming a level 7. When thinking about what i would want to do for my floor routine i thought a ring leap would be cool. I have a good split with square hips and a 180 leap, so i thought that a ring leap woulb be possible. The only problem is when i try to do one i cant get my leg to bend. Any advice?


Can you do the splits on the floor with the back leg bent? Can you do a ring jump? I think the ring jumps are often easier to learn than the leaps and once you get the feel of the position you can probably transfer to a leap.
Aug 2, 2008
east coast
*start w/ back leg on panel mat- have someone help bend your leg back & release your head
* kick rings holding onto beam- brush ring leg back- wait to bend back leg until its horizontal and relese head
* work ring jumps on tramp/ tt


It might just take some getting used to then. It took me a few practices, but one day my coach saw one and she said, that's it, that's part of your new ending. I've been unhappy with the ending of my floor routine for awhile and have changed it 3 times, but this one's a keeper!
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