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How Can You Tell Who Qualifies

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by tpMom, Apr 15, 2018.

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  1. Maybe this is a silly question - but I have been trying all weekend to figure this out and I'm stuck so I thought I'd throw it out there.

    With regionals wrapping up I see lots of posts about athletes qualifying for nationals or Level 9 Western/Eastern Championships. Obviously if you have a kid competing in regionals you would know if they qualified. But how do I, a lowly mymeetscore internet stalker find out who qualified?! We're in Region 3, and I've been following the scores of some of the level 9 gymnasts I know or know about in the region, but I can't figure out who qualified for the Western Championships.

    Does anybody in Region 3 know how they are determining who qualifies? Or can someone point me in the right direction to find out for myself? I am usually a pretty good researcher but I cannot figure this out for the life of me!
  2. I think for level 9s it is top 6 in each level, and for level 10a it is top 7?
  3. Thank you!
  4. Chalk Warrior has kept a list of all the level 9 and level 10 qualifiers. If you search for chalk warrior on facebook you should find it.
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  5. Top 7 AA provided they got a minimum of 34.00. Some regions get extra spots if other regions can't fill theirs.
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  6. Can't help you, but thanks for asking. Someone asked me, and I had no idea other than what my daughter told me. I also could not find. It's not that easy.

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  7. I know that for level 9 it is the first 7 girls. I am in region 5 and follow the region 5 Facebook page. They had pictures of each age group's qualifiers. It looked like there were more than 7 for each age group, so we must have received some of the extra spots.
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  8. They need a 35 now. but yes, it is the top 7 AA for each age divisions in both Level 9 and 10 now.
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  9. The alternates are in the pictures too.
  10. When there is a tie for 7th, I understand they both go for a total of 8 in that age group.

    Question: What happens if one of those 8 can’t go? Will they then leave it at 7 or will they take the alternate?
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  11. I believe this happened in our region before and they did not take the alternate.
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  12. Some of the pictures had 10 girls in them
  13. Only the top 7 are guaranteed to go and compete and get the "swag" for qualifying, the first alternate also gets the swag and it's up to the gym/coaches/parents on whether or not to have that gymnast travel (not sure what the odds are of being "called up" to compete). Some also named a second alternate, that gymnast will get fitted but doesn't get any of the swag or anything unless they would get called up to compete (and I doubt many parents or coaches would even send the second alternate). One of my daughter's teammates was the first alternate but her parents decided to not have her go so the spot went to the second alternate, so she was able to get fitted and left regionals with the swag.
  14. In addition to the above (top 7 in each age group), stop stalking mymeetscores. This is one of the worst sites for gymnastics scores.

    I noticed this weekend that most of the regions had scores posted to MeetScoresOnline (or MSO) and they were doing a good job of showing near or real-time results.
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  15. So states for us is about as hard to qualify for as nationals (4 to 5 out of a group of about 30 go, per district). I got in last year as third alternate. I heard it the evening before. Hadnt practiced routines or the skills in my routines that much, it was all up training. I came in last, but I still got to go
  16. It was all I could find.
  17. my meet scores had real time scoring for our region this past weekend. I would choose MMS over MSO any day. Can't stand the MSO platform.
  18. L10 is a 35 but L9 is still a 34 for Easterns/Westerns...which for those of us from Region 8 would understandably assume that it is a 35 because you have to have a 35 to go to regionals. Last year one of the oldest age groups in R8 did not have 8 competitors for L9 because of the 35 qualification score....so some gymnast was possibly prevented from going to Easterns because she didn't get the 35 at state meet to go to regionals even though she only would have needed a 34 for Easterns.....yes, it is backward!!
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