How do i do a bridge kickover?

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I can't do a bridge kickover and every time i try i end up hurting myself. Does anyone have any tips?

Bridge with your feet near a wall. Walk your feet up the wall and kick over.

Do a bridge with your feet on a block, bed, couch. Anyhow, have your feet higher than your hands, perhaps as high as your waist in a bridge.

You can either kick into a HS and limber into the bridge position or start by laying on top of the couch, bed, or block and then reaching down to the ground.

Work a bunch of Handstands on the wall, stomach or back besides free handstands on the floor to build up shoulder strength.

YouTube - My attempts at Coach Sommer Back flexibility drills # 1-5

I should really redo that bridge wall walk so my entire body shows. Oh well. I think you get the idea.

Some people will bend their arms as they go down but I prefer straight arms. It's probably harder that way since it's a longer lever.
Make sure you are pushing your arms open as you kick over. I see many people closing their shoulders as they kick over and wonder why they are falling on their face. All of the drills BB listed are great as well. If you are trying to start from a stand, make sure you think of the bridge as something that happens from the top down. I like to make sure the kids do the following:
Reach up (this actually allows the shoulders to open more)
Reach back
Look for where your hands are going.

This method saves the lower back from undue stress. Many people bridge quite easily because of lower back flexibility but most of them complain later of lower back pain. I have some girls with the stiffest shoulders and lower backs in the world that can still do back walkovers since they are using the proper technique and they are strong enough to push over even if their angles are slightly off.
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