How do I get back into gym??

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Oct 19, 2017
I have done gymnatsics from when i was really little until 11 years old then did cheerleading from ages 11-13 and got injured by hyperextending my left knee really badly which still lessens my performance in any sport even though its been almost 2 years since then, I did half a year of gymnastics last year and I want to get back in to it but I don't know how. I went to an open gym and I still have a very inconsistent pull over on bars and transitions from high to low bar decently along with a half twist dismount consistently; on beam I can do more than when I quit strangley enough? I have a front walkover on floor beam and split leaps at 180 degrees and I can do a full turn but turning twice in one go and a half round off dismount (idk what it's called I have been gone too long) ; on floor I have multiple back handspring series standing and round off multipe hhandsprings with and without a front entry skill, I also almost have my front tuck as well, though I can not do my back tuck yet because that is how I ingured my knee. On vault I can only do handstand to back on the vault and mats. I really want to know how and what I should be working on and different conditiong routines for getting skills back and maybe to even strenthen my knee. Also tips on moving up from floor beam to low beam and then higher up would be nice too. Idk what classes I should be taking either! if anyone could help me out that would be amazing!!!!! thank you :)
Not open for further replies.