How do they choose team members at your gym?

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Our gym has an expanded rec program that uses a 'precious gem' system of advancement. Such as: start at pearl (or ...something like that) and progress though 12 'Gems' to reach Diamond.

Once a athlete reaches Diamond (takes about 3 years), they are evaluated for team. If the athlete and parent want to go this route, the athlete completes the Diamond program, and moves directly to L3. (L2 and under skills ARE Diamond). If they want to remain recreational only, they simply move to tumble classes. Our tumbles classes don't use bars/beam/vault. Just A though C level acrobatics. I think this limitation was designed to help motivate athletes to seriously consider team.
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At our gym it's by try-out--information sheets on try-outs are given to all level 4 girls (not team level 4, but rec level 4 classes--it's the highest rec level) and our team track level 3 girls. I know the coaches also talk to our compulsory head coach about girls they think would be good for team. Level 4 and level 5 are both try-out levels. After that the girls are moved up based on coaches decisions and meet scores.

I would imagine girls that do fantastic in practice, but mess up in the try-out would still have a shot at team, but it's been awhile since we've done that, so I'm not sure! I know the level 5s just had try-outs this past weekend.


Is it invitational? Are there tryouts? Post how you got picked! :)

It'll be interesting to see how the average gym does this.

At my gym it's invitational. If they like you they'll talk to your parents and train you over the summer.

Our gym wants to give every child the opportunity to qualify for team if they want to do team.

Ours is a combo of a few things. All staff will submit a referral list from the rec classes to the owner who will send out the invitations to team. If they accept the invitation they must attend a mandatory parent meeting the Sat before Memorial Day (this would have been this past sat). they look at Strength development, flexibility, listening skills attentiveness in making corrections, grasping new skills quickly, dedicated gymnasts(basically the child want to do this), and parent dedication. During the months of June (after fathers day) - July they are "trying out" At the end of July they are re-assessed and either kept on team or let go from team with a rec class back up.

For those not "invited" to team and parents are requesting that their child be allowed to "give it a try for the summer" they do have a 2 day a week class. Its a "team" type practice and will be harder than any rec class they have done. It's usually just girls that weren't chosen by the coach but really wanted to try team. This group only meet 2 days a week for 2 hours a day. So the time commitment level is low and the cost is lower. It tends to have about 24 - 30 girls trying out. by the end of the first 2 weeks about 8 - 10 girls will drop because its "way too hard". by mid July about another 8 - 10 girls will drop because its summer and they want to do other things. The remaining 6 - 8 girls Will be reassessed at the end of July and placed in one of the following

Rec class

Prep - Op (either compete team or non compete team)

One of the 3 pre-team levels Bronze, Silver or Gold (this is really Levels 1 - 3 but we don't compete those levels)

Or Level 4 or Level 5 (depending on skills)


May 4, 2009
At my gym they are chosen from the rec classes, and move into either development squad, or pre-team. They then do 7 hours a week until they are at least 6 and ready to do more hours (usually 61/2 - 7) when they move to 12 hours. From their they move at the age of 8 or 9, either after grade 14 if they will do compusory 4, or after grade 13.

Some girls decide that they don't want to continue doing 7 hours and ask to move, when they usually go to a gold level class twice a week.

Recently however we have had a lot of girls transfering from another gym because of problems in that gym. These girls do not have any assessment but they have a discussion with the head coach about their skills and the grades/levels they've passed and are moved straight into the appropriate group.

It seems to work!


Club Owner / Manager
Mar 23, 2009
West Midlands, England
We do both invitation and trial.
As soon as a gymnast walks through our doors we start assessing them - not that they would notice, just take a look and see what they are like at listening, behaviour, and then as the weeks progress, skill level, strength and flexibility.

If anyone stands out straight away, we will move them into our development squad after 6 or 12 weeks, depending on age.

We then hold an open trial twice a year. One in January and one in June. The children are aged between 4 and 7.

If accepted, they are put into our development squad/pre squad or comp squad. Any older children aged 8+ may also trial but they would go into our novice squad who do recreational competitions.


You guys are lucky, I've been working my butt off trying to get them to invite me! If only there were tryouts... :X

I would recommend you talk to your coach and see what your missing to get the invite. Maybe they just don't know how interested you are until you tell them. Maybe it's a simple skill you could work on and show the coaches your commitment to getting on team.
I want to do that...

But basically I'm kind of shy and I'm scared they'll say something like "what are you talking about?
You're way too tall and old!"


My mom asked for some info about team once or twice, but all we got out of them was "It's rare for kids over 10 to get invited" and something about high school gymnastics...


Jan 31, 2008
Region 5
Our rec program is set up as levels 1-3. When a gymnast has finished the required skills for level 3, they move to the home team program. The home team trains level 4 skills and starts learning the routines. When meet season is over we hold tryouts 3 or 4 times until fall. Any gymnast in the home team program is invited to try out if they are interested. Us team coaches come in and test the girls on the events we coach. I coach floor and I want to see their floor routine. If they know it and have reasonably good form then I am happy. The coaches get together and discuss the kids and then we give them our decision. If they don't make it, they have a sheet with our comments and they can try out again the following month.
Aug 22, 2008
Our current gym has rec classes and they "notice" girls in the Rec Classes they want to invite to Pre Team. They train Pre Team for 1 year and move onto Rookie 1 and 2 and to Level 4 over 4 years. So it is a long process. We wanted to move gyms and we brought our DD into another gym we called set up a appt. they asked what skills she knew and they had the head coach come and evaluate her. She was invited to the level 3-4 program. They just completed 3's and are moving onto 4's.
Our current gym if they know you were on team they just want to evaluate you and tell you where you would fit on the teams.


We do it by invite only (team is L4 and up). This was unfortunate, because having the extra practice hours would have gotten me my L4 skills much faster than languishing in rec classes with a high school cheerleader for a coach. But eventually I was spotted, and up I went.
Dec 24, 2008
Since we have gotten new owners they are changing everything so now they invite and have try outss. There is this girl that just turned 4 and she is really good, and so my coach is putting her on team for this next season. Which I really do not see the point of this because she wont be able to compete for two years. And in my opionon 2 years of practicing as a team mate and not competing would get boring and at that age!! By the time shes going to be able to compete she will be burnt out at the age of 6! Gosh I hate what my gym is turning intooo!!!! Haha sorry, just one of the million complaints I have about this stupid gym.
Apr 15, 2008
At my gym, at the begining of summer/end of competition season, all the class kids that the HC/owner thinks focus well and have the motivation are tested to see what their skills are. Then she will move them from say a 1 hour class to a 2 hour, or hot/big shots ( our preteams ).Or you can call the gym and make an appointment to come in and get tested for strength and ability, then HC will place you where you belong skillwise.:D


Jan 8, 2009
I'm in Australia and at my old club everyone got to be in a team. If a team got to the maximum size then they would create another team. Are you unable to do this in the US? It seems to be that it would be disheartening to miss out on a team at a young age and this would cause the dropout rate to be higher than it needs to be.


I've never heard of one MAG gym that does tryouts for JO MAG. Typically boys are selected and put into certain groups, be they advanced rec or preteam groups and then asked if they want to compete from there.

I try to get to know the child's parents and see if I really want to deal with them. I don't want to deal with any parents that are a problem. Either don't ask them or send them somewhere else and let another gym deal with the headache.

This is probably mainly due to numbers issues. However, with bigger MAG gyms, sometimes they only compete L4 in-house ( Cypress Academy ).


At my gym, at the end of the year everyone in the gym is evaluated for the next rec level. If you are in the highest rec class or pre team, you are evaluated for team. Invites are then sent out, but you still have to participate in the try outs. Anyone can try out if they would like to, but if you are invited to team try outs are basically just so the team coaches can get a better look at ya haha. Then, after try outs if you meet the summer requirements you are put on the team in the fall. Thats my best understanding at least, Its a bit confusing but seems to work.


Jun 24, 2008
Invite only. My gym has a small rec program, so the HCs pull out kids from classes who appear to have talent and put them on our version of pre-team. Coaches can also ask the HCs to evaluate certain kids.
Yeah. My gym chooses team members by invitational only too. There's no difference if your 10 y/o tho. If they see you've got potential, they'll ask you whether you want to be in team or not :)
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