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Feb 26, 2007
It is relactively commonly known here that after every single meet I take my girls out for ice cream, often McFlurry's, but also Ben and Jerry's or Cold Stone etc. We are celebrating the fact that the meet is done and that we are moving on no matter what the outcome.

I have found that no matter how badly they have felt after some meets, that the ice cream has changed the whole day and we get home in a much better place. If the meet goes well it is just the icing on the cake, so to speak.

How do you celebrate? Do you celebrate? If you do, do you do it regardless of the outcome, or do you only celebrate only what you consider to be good meets?

I am moving into a new phase, littler DD will be doing cheer comps. Apparently the whole team travels together on a bus to wherever the meet is, and back home again. But as I will have to drive an hour to get her to the cheer gym we will still have plenty of time for ice cream on the way home.
We never call it a 'celebration' but at the venue, it is 'tradition' to get Dippin Dots if the gym is selling them. We also tend to stop for lunch or dinner somewhere en route home...usually with other girls from the team. They are always starving and even if it's a 'close' meet, 1/2 hour home seems far!

Typically, the girls will choose Friendly's if there is one around. Or we'll go to some place like Applebees or Panera.

They like the time to be together and we mom's like the time to chat (because that's too hard at a meet!!)

We definitely do this for any meet, not just a 'good meet'
We've only had a couple of meets so far, but we have started a tradition of going out for dinner after. DD liked going with her hair still all done with the sparkles, and having her warm up suit on and having people comment to her! It absolutely does not matter what the results of the meet are, we will still continue the tradition.
Hmm, we have no traditions other than the share gobstoppers and listen to Taylor Swift CDs on the way there. If it is a close meet, we just come home. If it is a far away meet we stop somewhere for food, sometimes with other parents, but usually just us.
We don't really have a tradition. If the team is going out, we'll go too (money permitting), but otherwise, nothing really. I might take up the ice cream idea though!
Ususally we do the drive thru for a frosty at Wendy's or a smoothie/milkshake at McDonald's. It always seems like it is such a long day that by the end we are anxious to get home, especially if there is a long drive involved too....
We go out to eat and some of the team always goes with us. We also always buy a small(and I do mean small like a candy bar) gift for our dd, I think it takes a lot of guts to get out there and compete no matter the results they should celebrate their hard work:)
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We (well not me, b/c I'm driving) watch "Stick It" on the way to meets.

We have a tradition that whoever has competed that day (gym, soccer, cheering) gets to pick the place for dinner. If 2 have events on the same day, then one gets to choose the next day if they cannot agree.
We (well not me, b/c I'm driving) watch "Stick It" on the way to meets.

We have a tradition that whoever has competed that day (gym, soccer, cheering) gets to pick the place for dinner. If 2 have events on the same day, then one gets to choose the next day if they cannot agree.

We do something similar if we're not meeting the other team girls afterwards. DD will pick the restaurant we stop at on the way home and she can have a treat afterwards. Makes it special for her.
Well, for meets we travel for I usually end the evening with a Mike's Hard Lemonade, preferably Pomengranate flavor. Oh, your talking about the girls.... ;)

I can't say we have a tradition, but we usually do something like going out to eat.
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If the girls are hungry we get food ,if not we just make a big deal how much fun they had and how we are proud of them (even if they did not do good)
Depending the time and place we'll try to go out to applebees or chillis with a few girls and their families. occasionally we start together and meet at Wendy's before the meet.
It depends on when we get out of the meet and where we are. If its an away meet then back to the hotel for a swim and a team pizza party. If its local and no hotels then its usually to a local restaraunt (usually Apple Bee's, Chilies, or some place like that ) the girls are all at one table and the adults at another. sometimes its just ice cream. It will depend on how tired everyone is.

Parents plan the get together.
we usually go out to eat as a group. if not, we let DD pick. like someone else said, it takes guts to just get out there.

This is the truth. Any child who does gym and competes is already tough, strong and brave. Just going out there in public performing feats of skill, strength and balance is simply unbelievable. No matter what the outcome I have always felt so proud of their tenacity and ambition to perform. That alone is worth celebrating. Gymnasts are astounding.
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We always stop and eat after the meet as a team. The girls usually wear their pajamas. I am not sure how that got started but they have fun!!
Sad to say that usually I just want to get home ! But if its in Plymouth we always stop at Buger King on the way home. Thing is there aren't may fast food places on the way home and we don't have ice cream shops here.
with food...always...maybe ice cream. Usually my kids are starving and food sounds better to them than ice cream. Sometimes we go as a group, but mostly just us. Then the kids will "critique the meet". This mostly consists of comparing/contrasting the raffle baskets...who won which basket and if the gymnast gift was a cool one or not-and whether or not the snacks the hosting gym provided were good ones. (you know-the really important stuff!!)
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