How do you fit dinner in?

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I do have some time after school before practice, but when I eat dinner so close before practice, I feel really uncomfortable during practice, but if I don't eat dinner, I am not getting home until around 9-10 p.m. What should I do :confused: (We aren't allowed snacks during practice)
What I used to do is eat a snack before gym, and then dinner when we got back [we weren't allowed snacks]. for later practices, like the 5:30 ones, i'd eat dinner before and more after.
Snack before and dinner after is good advice. I used to eat a heavier version of a snack before, and my mom would bring dinner on a paper plate when she picked me up if it was late to eat on the way home. Snacks I had were usually a small amount of pasta, yogurt, pretzels, granola, fruit, that kind of thing. Nothing too filling, but enough that I didn't feel like I was digesting my innards during workout.
My little one eats dinner as soon as she gets off the bus at 4pm, while she does homework.
She's in the gym 5:45 - 8:15 and has a snack when she gets home 8:30 / 9 ish. Usually fruit
My girls take their dinner to gym with them, they have microwaves etc and they eat it there about 4:30pm. They can have a snack when they get home.
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