For Parents How do you keep the rubber band in a pony tail from sliding down

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Oct 26, 2007
My dd has longish hair and we are having a terrible time trying to keep her hair in a pony. By the end of a practice the rubber band has slide down and the hair starts to be loose around her face. Her hair is to her upper back and its very smooth. We have tried the scruchi brand no-slip rubber bands and even wearing 2 rubber bands at a time. Both of these help a little but neither solves the problem. Any sugguestions?


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Jul 12, 2007
Do you slick it back with a hair gel? My dd has long hair, and the best way for us to keep it away from her face for gym is slick it back with hair gel.

We use ION spray gel from Sally's - the very best IMO. Spray it on dry or wet and fine tooth comb it back into a tight pony. I have to braid dd's hair and then loop it ( I use the thin bands for this), but if we just do a pony tail, we use the very thick bands which hold tighter then the thin ones.

dd's hair stays up very well for the whole 4 hours of practice:)
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I have nothing useful to add - I'm just going to look for all the suggestions b/c my dd is the one who comes out of practice every night looking like a mess, lol. Her coach is constantly fixing her pony to no avail. My dd does have very heavy hair though.


DD has very fine, very thick hair that slips and slides out of about every hairstyle. For practices, we do multiple pony tails. I pull the sides and top back into one and then I pull the bottom back along with the "tail" from the top, into a second one. The top one always stays and the bottom one is easy to pull tight. Plus, it keeps the hair from out of her face, even if the bottom one is coming loose.


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Mar 1, 2007
My DD has thin hair that won't stay in a ponytail either. When I have time I do two braids with hair clips to hold the front loose ends of her hair in. Most of the time I am in a rush and also do one high pony (make the part from ear to ear) and then a second lower pony with the tail of the first. That hold well too. Those goody no slip ones still slip for us, maybe becasue of the thin hair. I used to do a pony with a hair band until DD lost too many of those to count.


I feel your kid is the one with the messy hair unless I do a spiderweb


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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Emily's hair is just a mess at gym... As long as it is back. I don't really care nor do her coaches how it actually looks, lol. She is constantly yanking on her pony tail... like after every skill and this is even with those no slip ponies that were posted, lol. The pony yanking is almost a habit, lol.

beam girl

In addition to the other advice, you may want to have her wear a thin headband with the pony to hold it out of her face. This is an ongoing battle for every gym mom! LOL


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Jan 17, 2008
Beetle has tremendously thick hair.. she has now started to use 2 ponies, a scruncie, several clips and a headband!

It still looks like a mess..

The only way I could keep it up when she was little was in 2 buns on top of her head.. she looked like Minnie Mouse! We still do it for meets on occasion...


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May 11, 2007
Pacific NW
Two pony tail holders always works for my dd. When her pony is long though it sometimes whips her in the face so we braid it. That should help and it doesn't take too long.
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