How do you qualify for USAG regionals?

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Feb 4, 2008
Region IV
In Region IV, a level 8 athlete needs to score a 36.5 at state, although the top nine girls from each state will represent the state and compete in a separate session. Athletes with less than a 36.5 might be picked up to fill the slate.

Level 9 and 10 athletes need to score a 34 at state.

What's up in the other regions?


In FL it took a 35.45 to make the top 93 which qualified to Regionals for Region 8. Levels 9 and 10 took a 34.0 AA.
Jul 12, 2007
In region V it is 34 for L9's & 10's. 34.5 for L8's. Top 7 L8's make up the state "super" team.
Feb 17, 2008
it isn't very hard to make it to level 9 & 10's regionals because state isn't a very big meet. all you have to get is a 34.0. regnionals trying to make it to nationals or westerns/easterns are our "big" meet.

but for 8's state is the big meet because all they do is go to regionals. for them to make it, it just depends on the scores of everyone. they take a percentage of girls. I'm not sure exactly what the % is. though.

oh and I'm in Region III


haha in our region its a 34 for level 9's and 10's
i don't know about level 8 i think its around a 36 and 37's won the meet.
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