For Coaches How does one get into elite competition?

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Geoffrey Taucer

Staff member
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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
I'm looking to get into elite-level competitions as a floor specialist (possibly vault as well, though I currently only have one really good vault, and I haven't done it in six months).

The thing is I have no clue how to even get into such competitions, or qualifiers for them, or qualifiers for the qualifiers, or what have you.

Can anybody tell me where to start?


If you go to there will be rules and listings on that topic. I know there are forms that have to be submitted, and certain competitions you have to attend and qualify out of. I don't know all those details myself, but most of your answers can be found there. You can go to the mens page, and even on the home page there is some info about upcoming competitions.:privateeye: :privateeye:
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