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How far are your average travel meets?

  • Within a 1 hour drive

  • Within a 3 hour drive

  • More than 3 hours drive or must fly

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This is only DD's fifth year on team, so we haven't gotten much of the non covid experience, but in a typical year, usually 1 meet that we host in our city's downtown, 1 meet about 50min-1hr away, 1 about 1.5hrs, 1 about 2-3 hours, and one long distance/flight that is optional.
Our optional gymnasts typically travel a little farther than the compulsory gymnasts. Optionals:1 local meet, 2- 3hour drive, 2 4-6 hour drive and one fly away meet. Compulsory: 1 local meet 2- 1hour drive 2- 2-2/12 hour drive and 1 bigger meet that is about a 4 hr drive.
For as long as I was competing my team did practically the same meets every season. Typically the core meets there are 4 meets under an hour away, 2 meets 1.5 hours away, and one meet in a neighboring state just for the optionals. Then they throw in one or two small local meets every year. Keep in mind we are a small gym in a suburban area outside of a large city.
If the drive is more than 30 minutes, it’s not really considered local anymore.
I’m in Sydney and it can take me 30 minutes to travel the 4.9 miles to my daughter’s gym club on a bad traffic day. (It’s only 3 miles as the crow flies, but there is a bridge to cross). On a good day though it is only 15 minutes.

Having said that, we have four gymnastics gyms within walking distance of our house, and another three the same distance away as the one my daughter goes to.

We have one competition that rotates each year between local gyms and almost all of the remainder of our competitions take place in a venue that is about 35 minutes in weekend traffic (20 miles), mostly down a toll freeway from my house. Quick and easy, although a lot further away for people who live in the very north or south of Sydhey.

Our most distant travel meet that we attend every second year because of the expense is 525 miles away. But we are fairly close to it in Australian terms. Gymnasts from Perth have to travel 2258 miles to get there.
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Regular meets within 2 hour.

States could be as far as 6 hours driving. Regionals 4 hour drive.
Meet #1 (and #6) - 81.6 miles (1 hour 32 minutes).
Meet #2 - 122.3 miles (2 hours 18 minutes).
Meet #3 (and District Championships) - 51.9 miles (1 hour 7 minutes).
Meet #4 - 100.7 miles (2 hours)
Meet #5 - 86.3 miles (1 hour 55 minutes)
Y Regionals - 98.7 miles (2 hours 1 minute)
Y Nationals - 131.2 miles (2 hours 28 minutes)

We have no home meets this year :(
We have:
1 home meet
2 meets about an hour away
3 meets about 3 hours away
We live in central IL and the farther ones are near Chicago. We stay in a hotel for the Chicago ones usually but we don’t absolutely have to unless we get a 8:00 start time. This is for Xcel Silver-Platinum
We have 1 local, 3-4 x 2 hour drive, 1 x 3.5-7 hour drive, and an optional fly away competition. In addition if the upper level girls qualify for westerns it is a long drive, or a fly away competition, as it rotates between the four western provinces (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia). Barring injury the expectation is that all gymnasts will attend at least three competitions per year so we do have a bit of flexibility in meet choices, which is nice.
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Looking at this season, we have 3 within an hour, 2 that are about 3 hours away, 1 that is 5-6 hours away, and 1 that is a flight, but it was optional to attend. The state meet can be anywhere from super close to the other side of the state. Just depends on the year and who is hosting!
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